Sunday, 2 December 2012

Woah, where did that one and a half weeks go? Here it is he 2nd December and here I am holed up in Chinatown in Singapore feeling just a little pleased with myself. The flight over was peaceful, calm and perfect. Not a hint of anxiety or panic on my part. Those who know me will realise how amazing that is. At one time I simply would not/could not fly. Somehow I believe I am over that particular fetish now.

Our room at the 5FootWayInn is roughly 5 Foot wide and I am assuming that all the rooms are the same, hence the name. Sure, I was horrified at first sight but the bed is ok (with J on the top bunk...yes bunk, I can't complain), the sheets are clean and it has an air con. Thank goodness for small mercies. So, the first night is here and I am hoping that I sleep well. Tomorrow we explore this rather busy, bustling city.

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