Saturday, 8 December 2012

Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden

**short note to say that since writing this I have dowloaded a new app that lets me add the photos as I please. So excuse the numbering system and apologies, all will be streamlined in my next post**

Feels like we have been here for weeks, although I am reliably informed by my very competent travel partner Jess, that it has only been three days! Today will be the fourth and I am sitting down early on Saturday morning to describe the adventures we had yesterday.
It has been impossible for me to work out how to intersperse the photos with the writing and I apologise in advance for that. It's very annoying to have the photos all lumped at the end of the news. We will all have to live with it.
So, photo No 3 is of the magnificent lions at Trafalgar Square.

The last time I visited this famous landmark I was 10 years old and I remember it being a lot bigger, which did not detract from the excitement I felt to be standing on the hallowed ground again. Lord Admiral Nelson is imposing in his grandeur and the 1st photo is of him, completely out of sequence but you get that when the blogger doesn't really know what she is doing.

Photo No 2 is a gorgeous shot of Jess, never mind Trafalgar Square!

We searched for Australia House and did find a few Embassies around the Square, but not the Aussie one. The Canadian Embassy is massive. I've never seen so many Canadian flags in one place.
From Trafalgar Square we traipsed off to China Town as Dim Sum was in our minds for lunch. Photo No 5 is the restaurant at which we dined.

After another stair trek (our apartment in West Kensington has a thousand stairs to climb before we get to the front door but i digress) we lunched on the second floor with prawn dumplings, sticky rice, pork buns and chinese tea. It was divine.
Next stop, Covent Garden. Another Wow moment for me. Up some rickety stairs (what is it about London and stairs?) and into the magical world of Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop, a tiny little room packed with people and lots of fascinating old fashioned toys. The paper theatres enthralled me and I bought The Nutcracker to show Miss E when I get back to Oz. Photo No 4 is the decorated arcade at Covent Garden. Hardly does the whole place justice. It's magical.

Last night a dinner in Clapham Common with Mike and Chas, my dear friend Carol's son and his partner. Four trains and a rather long walk to get there in the very chilly evening but, thankfully, no stairs (except for the stairs in all the Tube Stations. You get the idea I am getting a bit fitter and generally a lot sorer and sorry for myself).
Today we are off to Kensington Palace. Oh, and a little detour to another part of Kensington to find the house where my Great Grandfather, Elegio Saggiori (he of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra fame) lived in 1891!
Great excitement abounds.

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