Friday, 26 June 2015

Over and Through the Mountains.

We've been up, down and all around.  These mountains are The Great Dividing Range.
This is Mt Bogong in the Alpine National Park of Victoria.  We drove from Albury and had hoped to see snow.  At Mt Beauty we were told there had been no snow on the ground (as apposed to on the mountain) since 2002.  It was cold though, 7C at the top of the drive up to see this specatcular view.  We saw frost.  Better than nothing at all,  and the scenery was spectacular.

From there to Young in NSW, apparently the cherry capital of Australia.  Who knew?  Of course we had to try a cherry pie or two.  Just between you and I, they were a little disappointing.  Not nearly enough cherries for my liking.  And yes, we carry icecream in the caravan at all times.  Even when the fridge isn't working properly.  Slightly runny, but very cold, icecream.

Next stop Cowra, NSW.

The delights of the Japanese Garden at Cowra were bountiful.  

Designed by Ken Nakajima, the garden is an enchantment of visual artistry.  Each new line of sight reveals something beautiful.  
From jonquils in massive clumps, to the watercourse that runs lazily down the slopes,
the mind is bathed in the glory of serenity with each different aspect of this amazing garden.

I hope I get to see this Garden again, perhaps in Summer when the trees are fully clothed.  But for now the time I spent here was wonderful.  

As for tomorrow,'s ever Onward we go.  

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  1. i'm very jelly as certain people would say! that japanese garden looks beautiful. great photography Janine :)


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